A biographical note, and a school club

Life after your Bachelors can be tough. When I graduated with less than expected results in 2016, the immediate priority was to find a job. I was earning something with my newspaper columns, but those were hardly, if at all, enough. Since I had once worked at my school, as a coach, I decided to… Continue reading A biographical note, and a school club

Supun Jayasinghe’s rites of passage

Situated at Stanley Wijesundera Mawatha, the Planetarium continues to captivate every child in the country, yet unless you strain your eyes, you can easily miss it. It’s one of those places you go to and emerge from wishing you could go back. I must have been in Grade Five when I visited it on a… Continue reading Supun Jayasinghe’s rites of passage

Sachintha Pilapitiya’s wanderlust

“Farren the Wanderer”, written by Sachintha Pilapitiya and published by Neptune Publications, hit the shelves at the Book Fair on September 19 At S. Thomas’ Prep Kollupitiya, Sachintha Pilapitiya had trouble speaking in English. The problem hadn’t been his pronunciation; it had been his grammar. “Every time I opened my mouth, I knew I’d trip… Continue reading Sachintha Pilapitiya’s wanderlust

#LRArmy: Of readers, writers, and doers

Courtesy of the Photographic Society of Royal College Sanura Kulanaka had an idea. He wanted the students to read. He also wanted them to write. So he organised class libraries, appointed library readers, got junior members to sketch out, in drawings, what they felt about what they read, and got more senior members to write… Continue reading #LRArmy: Of readers, writers, and doers