Revisiting Charles Mills’s “The Racial Contract”

Charles Mills passed away last week. A prolific writer on African-American and Marxist philosophy, Mills was the author of six books, including the only one of his I read cover to cover, The Racial Contract. Though he never joined the academic mainstream like most of his colleagues and contemporaries, he was never outside it either.… Continue reading Revisiting Charles Mills’s “The Racial Contract”


An alternative to the alternative

Advocata Institute’s “A Framework for Economic Recovery” is both comprehensive and succinct. A response to the spiralling crisis in Sri Lanka, its publication has been well timed. Striking a realistic and pragmatist note, it foretells the worst for the country, unless certain urgent reforms are implemented. What it admits at the beginning is that the… Continue reading An alternative to the alternative

Sri Lanka, the UN, and the world

The 48th session of the UN Human Rights Council commenced this Monday. As usual, Sri Lanka is to figure in the proceedings. Issuing a critique of the government, Human Rights Watch has urged the UNHRC to maintain its scrutiny of the country’s human rights situation, with HRW’s South Asia Director Meenakshi Ganguly lamenting how Gotabaya… Continue reading Sri Lanka, the UN, and the world

A political history of post-1977 Sri Lanka

A crucial difference between Bonapartism and fascism is that the one responds to the public and the other regiments it. Bonapartism can deteriorate into fascism, and it not infrequently does, yet its populist-pluralist character deters it from doing so, unless its co-option by a rightwing fringe group makes such a transformation inevitable. There were three… Continue reading A political history of post-1977 Sri Lanka

The Opposition’s road ahead, and a critique of the Radical Center

As it stands, the Opposition under Sajith Premadasa has three routes to take, or to be more specific, left to take. Without considering all the cards on the table and deciding what card it should deal with, it cannot and will not go forward. Simply put, there is nothing to talk about if the SJB… Continue reading The Opposition’s road ahead, and a critique of the Radical Center

The fight for free education cannot end with the KNDU Bill

The protests over the controversial KNDU Bill continue to boil and simmer. This is the most serious and debatable piece of legislation the government has put up for enactment since the 20th Amendment. Depending on how you view it, it may also be the most questionable. The Bill purports to create a parallel education system… Continue reading The fight for free education cannot end with the KNDU Bill